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Date: 26 May 2000

If you can't tell the difference between men and women there's nothing I can say that's going to help you.

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"The dead are heavy, after all."
 -Will Christopher Baer, "Penny Dreadful"

Hard-Boiled Noir Discussion

> From: Jess Nevins
> Sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 10:49 PM
> Okay. If there's such a thing as a "female voice" or a
> "female perspective," I'd like to know what it is. Please
> explain it to me.
> While you're at it, please tell me why female writers who
> don't share the qualities you assign to a "female voice"
> are not, therefore, female.
> Oh, and tell me why male writers who write in a "female
> voice" aren't male.
> Oh, and also explain to me how the idea of a "female
> voice" and a "female perspective," which reduce the
> writer to her sex, somehow celebrate the uniqueness
> of individuals, rather than celebrate the putative qualities
> of the felame sex as a whole.

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