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From: Peter Davis (
Date: 25 May 2000

Thanks to TL for the welcoming shout out and plug for the rag. Starting next year I will have been publishing/editing Your Flesh for twenty years! The publication is as TL describes it, though we pride ourselves to be a bit more in depth and literary intelligent by comparison to our DIY publishing brethren, read "zines." My girlfriend (who has been co-editor for the last eight years--nay, the one out of the two of us with real editorial "chops") and I are both loathe to call it one
(ssshhh..."zine"") as it is, put simply, something that towers high above the general heard.

Moving on, the backbone of the rag has always been music, generally of the DIY variety (these days they call it "alternative" or some such nonsense) but being that the publication is a reflection of our likes we've long since established a running track record of putting a lot of emphasis on fine and lowbrow artists, literary figures and filmmakers.

Some of the many writers we've featured include Ezra Pound, Andrei Codrescu, Marguerite Duras, George Pelecanos, Dennis Lehane (interviewed by Pelecanos), Daniel Woodrell, Raymond Chandler (written by Pelecanos), etc. Our new issue to hit the streets in just a few more weeks contains a feature on Gary Phillips.

Any-whoodle, current issues are $5 (US funds in the US) post-paid (or on the stands), back issues are $7 (available through us). Four issue subscriptions (which we greatly encourage) are $15. For a detailed list of available back issues you can write me off line and I'll gladly provide you with the information.

Your Flesh can be found at better, more discriminating independent bookstores and newsstand kiosks (everyone from Book Soup, Mysterious Bookshop West to St Mark's Books carry it--any booksellers on this list interested please drop me a line!), and you can find us in better chains (if there really is such a thing) like Borders, Tower Records, Virgin Megastores, etc.

Well, that about covers it. My apologies to those of you who feel imposed upon as I didn't join this list in order to use it as a vehicle for self promotion.

Best, Peter Davis Your Flesh Mag PO Box 25764 Chicago, IL 60625-0764

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> Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: Your Flesh
> Well, I have to admit, that it does sound interesting, would love to be able
> to check out an issue and find out how to subscribe, if the issue is as you
> say. Thanks-Mark
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> > Good to see Peter Davis of YOUR FLESH magazine has joined the list (and
> > thanks for the nod, Peter). I've been reading YF for about two years now
> > and enjoy it immensely. It's a high quality quarterly dedicated to
> > rock'n'roll music, cult movies, and...pulp fiction! It runs about 120
> > pages per issue and there's something interesting on every one of them.
> > Don't know how easy it is to find on news stands, but Peter could
> > probably let the list know how to subscribe.
> >
> > TL
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