RARA-AVIS: John Reese

From: kip.stratton@ni.com
Date: 25 May 2000

I've long been a fan of the Don Siegel film, CHARLEY VARRICK (which, I think, people on this list should check out, if they haven't already had a chance to). I recently bought a copy of the film off ebay.com and noticed in the credits that it is based on a novel called THE LOOTERS by John Reese. The novel was apparently re-released under the title CHARLEY VARRICK when the film came out. I don't know anything about Reese, except it looks like he mostly wrote in the Western genre, judging from the info I've reeled in from the web. Has anybody read THE LOOTERS/CHARLEY VARRICK? Is Reese worth reading? Or was he just another hack who wrote a nothing-special book that was made into a something-special movie?


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