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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 23 May 2000


<<Gee, the first four western titles sound cheap! I am nearly tempted to get one of them although I hate the genre.>>

Get them, they're great. His Peace Marshal is a classic of sorts.

On my "to be read some day" pile I have his Brothers of Silence, in a Detective Book Club triple-decker that also includes And One Cried Murder by Lee Thayer and Old Students Never Die by Ivan T. Ross. These two go in the "never to be read" category.

Here's the Gruber blurb:

Charles Tancred, successful author, retired army officer, and expert on Ancient Rome, receives a mysterious note from the past. It recalls a war-torn night spent in a Trappist monastery, a mysterious "Ambrose" who never was a Trappist, and the treasure trove of Attila the Hun. The rich splendor of ancient Europe is ready to be dug up -- and only Tancred know the location. He also knows that the fraudulent "Brother" Ambrose would *kill him* for this knowledge.

It sounds enticing, doesn't it?

Regards, and apologies for all this foolery.


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