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From: Frank Glenewinkel ( frank.glenewinkel@Uni-Koeln.DE)
Date: 23 May 2000

On 23 May 00, at 13:42, James Rogers wrote:
> I know I would like to see a complete bibliography, although his total
> output may make that kind of unlikely.

His authobiography "Pulp Jungle" (highly recommended!) lists the following books:

SUSPENSE NOVELS The Last Doorbell The Fourth Letter The Yellow Overcoat The Lock and Key Twenty Plus Two Brothers of Silence Bridge of Sand The Greek Affair Little Hercules Run, Fool, Run The Twilight Man

JOHNNY FLETCHER MYSTERIES The French Key The Laughing Fox The The Talking Clock The Hungry Dog The Navy Colt The Mighty Blockhead The Gift Horse The Silver Tomstone The Honest Dealer The Whispering Master The Scarlet Feather The Leather Duke The Limping Goose

OTIS BEAGLE MYSTERIES The Silver Jackass Beagle Scented Murder The Lonesome Badger

SIMON LASH MYSTERIES Simon Lash Private Detective The Buffalo Box Murder '97

HISTORICAL WESTERNS Peace Marshal Outlaw Gunsight Fighting Man Broken Lance Smoky Road Fort Starvation Quantrell's Raiders Bitter Sage Johnny Vengeance Bugles West The Highwayman Buffalo Grass Lonesome River Town Tamer The Marshal The Bushwackers This Gun Is Still Tales of Wells Fargo

BIBLIOGRAPHY Horatio Alger Jr. - A Bibliography and Biography

COLLECTION Brass Knuckles


Gee, the first four western titles sound cheap! I am nearly tempted to get one of them although I hate the genre. Any idea who Horatio Alger Jr. was?


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