Re: RARA-AVIS: Robert Dietrich / John Baxter?

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 23 May 2000

Anders Engwall wrote:

> The copyright in my
> copy was for Robert Dietrich, btw.

It's that in the Finnish books, too.

> I've seen such copies a couple of times. Btw,
> did the Finnish editions also have covers by the legendary
> Bertil Hegland?

Yes, but not all of them.

> No, it was discontinued around 1991.

Here it stopped already in the seventies. It continued with a different outlook in the eighties, but didn't manage to rise up.

> It might also be interesting to know that they
> managed to find interesting authors right until the end.
> The last years saw titles by e.g. Eugene Izzi, Bill
> Pronzini, Jonathan Valin and fellow rara-avian Robert
> Randisi. Of course, these were exceptions. Most of the
> output was rubbish.

None of that here. We had only Don Pendleton and the like. Mike Barry's Burt Wulff book was the last one.


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