Re: RARA-AVIS: Cleve Adams (was: Recent purchases)

From: Frank Glenewinkel ( frank.glenewinkel@Uni-Koeln.DE)
Date: 22 May 2000

On 22 May 00, at 10:25, Mario Taboada wrote:
> Get your stomach ready for Cleve Adams.

Is there any book by Adams that you can recommend as particulary "stomach-turning"? I guess your remark was not really ment as a compliment but it does at least sound interesting. Over the last five years or so I have started three of his books
(The Private Eye, Contraband and a few days ago, after he was compared with Huggins in this group, Sabotage) but never came further than about 30 or 50 pages because I was so utterly bored. I found his dialogues most unconvincing and the atmosphere
(if there was any) failed to grip me at all. Just my opinion of course...

I would agree in re Gruber though: Good entertainment indeed.


---------------------------------------------------- Frank Glenewinkel

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