RE: RARA-AVIS: The death of the hardboiled

From: Words from the Monastery (
Date: 20 May 2000

A very good point ...

volente Deo,

Anthony Dauer Alexandria, Virginia

"The dead are heavy, after all."
 -Will Christopher Baer, "Penny Dreadful"

Hard-Boiled Noir Discussion

> From: Ron Clinton
> Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 12:44 PM
> While I certainly credit him [Bill Pronzini] for his work in
> preserving these older works, his questionable view on the
> death of the hardboiled genre makes me wonder if this colors
> his editorialship of said newer works that
> *could* be considered apt and completely appropriate
> contributions to these collections *won't* be, because -
> in his mind - they couldn't possibly be hardboiled.

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