Re: RARA-AVIS: The Exhausted Hard-boiled

From: Jess Nevins (
Date: 21 May 2000

Doug Bassett wrote:

> > Meanwhile the Lady Dicks aren't nostalgic. Like
> > suffragettes a century ago,
> > they're out there on the streets. (Consider the
> > feminist agenda to "Take
> > Back the Streets." A meritorious agenda, if I ever
> > heard one, and I wish
> > them all the luck in the world at that Labor of
> > Sisyphus!)
> Probably accurate, again, although this seems to imply
> one should read these female writers out of a sense of
> duty, or something. I mean, there is a pleasure
> principle involved here. :) My one experience with a
> female PI writer -- Marcia Muller's WOLF IN THE
> SHADOWS -- was not encouraging. As I said before, I
> think this is a bad, dull book by a mediocre writer. I
> picked it up because people I respect (Ed Gorman in
> this case, I think) had written that this was the pick
> of the litter. That may or may not be true, but I'm
> certainly not going to be picking up any of her
> brethern anytime soon.

You'd really reject the writing of -every- female writer in the genre just because one book by one writer didn't thrill you?


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