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From: Nathalie M觥 ( nmege@club-internet.fr)
Date: 20 May 2000

Richard, My search through imdb.com gave this:

Tirez sur le pianiste (1960) Also Known As: Shoot the Pianist (1960) Shoot the Piano Player (1960)


Directed by Fran篩s Truffaut 

Writing credits David Goodis  (novel) Marcel Moussy 

Genre: Film-Noir / Romance (more)

Cast overview: Charles Aznavour = Charlie Kohler/Edouard Saroyan Nicole Berger (I) = Theresa Daniel Boulanger = Ernest Serge Davri = Plyne Marie Dubois = Lena
(...) Boby Lapointe = Singer Alice Sapritch = Concierge

No title history, though.



Richard Moore wrote :
Last weekend I saw the musical "Lautrec" in London which features music and lyrics by Charles Aznavour. Reading his bio in the program I was surprised to see among his movie credits the title "Don't Shoot the Pianist." While the copy of the novel I have back in the US is the original DOWN THERE and it has been twenty years since I saw the movie, I remember the movie title as "Shoot the Piano Player."
Thinking this was mildly amusing I mentioned it to three friends (one each: Belgium, English, American) here in Brussels and to my surprise all remembered "Don't" in the movie title. The only reference book I have with me here is a battered copy of HALLIWELL'S FILMGOERS COMPANION and the relevent entries have the title "Shoot the Pianist."
I can imagine that the American release of the movie used "piano player" as "pianist" carries the image of a concert performer and that may not be the case for "pianist" in Europe. Halliwell sometimes gives the US title and other times not. One of the many frustrations I have always found with his book.
Can anyone out there run through the title history for me? I think the theater program is simply wrong and all three of my friends have worse memories than I do.
No bar bets are at stake. I'm not that confident of my memory.
Richard Moore

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