RARA-AVIS: Re: Ida Lupino? Nope

From: ejmd ( ejmd@cwcom.net)
Date: 14 May 2000

Ok, I found it ... this is from Behlmer's _Inside Warner Bros.

Apparently, after _High Sierra_, Bogart and Lupino were both cast for
_Manpower_. A bust-up on the set with Mack Gray (George Raft's stand in) during the screen test led to Bogart being taken off the picture to be replaced by Edward G. Robinson.

Behlmer remarks: 'Bogart was replaced by Edward G. Robinson. Ida Lupino did not want to work with Bogart again after his alleged abusive verbal treatment of her during the filming of High Sierra.'

BTW, Behlmer also includes a memo from Hal Wallis to Jack Warner, suggesting that the billing order for _High Sierra_ (Bogart over Lupino) be *reversed* following Lupino's performance in _They Drive By Night_.


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