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Date: 11 May 2000

Oh yes...Jackson rules, in my humble opinion.

This is the order: Die Hard, Blind Pig, Grootka, Hit on the House, Deadman, Dead Folks, Man with An Axe. A new one is supposed to be out this summer, LaDonna Detroit. Grootka's probably the best one; Dead Folks is probably the weakest; but I think they're all really good. He's also written a novel about the Wobblies, Go By Go, that I liked a lot. Finally, there's a slim volume of his that I consider one of the jewels of my collection, Riding with Ray. It includes a Fang short story but, more important, a memoir of Jackson's friendship with Raymond Carver.


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Just discovered Jon Jackson's Fang Mulheisen series. Recently read
"Deadman". Fast paced, interesting characters, makes me want to go Montanna. Liked it enough to get another, "Hit on the House". I've only read about 10 pages and so far, this one is a winner too. Only thing, now I think I should have read his books in order.

Amazon has very little information on his books. Is anyone familiar with his books that are not in the series?

Barbara F

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