Re: RARA-AVIS: The Maltese Falcon Remake

From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 11 May 2000

From: Mario Taboada :
> For an American version, I would choose Harry Dean Stanton to play Spade.
> Stanton has a sleazy air that seems much more appropriate to a PI than
> Bogart was too classy.
Mario, Didn' t Bogart mainly play gangsters/bad guys in the thirties? He was gunned down by by Cagney in n Angels with Dirty Faces and the Roaring Twenties. His big breakthrough was playing gangster on the run Duke Mantee in Petrified Forest. Later he was portrayed more sympathetically as an ex-gangster in Dead End and and as escaped kiler Mad Dog Earle in High Sierra. . I think the our image now of Bogart as classy was formed primarily in
'Falcon', Casablanca, To Have and Have Not and later films. Before the releease of 'Falcon' he was typecast as a pretty sleazy. The lip helped too. Mark

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