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From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 10 May 2000

> wrote:
> > Juri: curious to learn what you think of Marv Albert's "Stone Angel."
> > Albert had a great career from Gold Medal through Tony Rome to the Stone
> > Angel series. Consistently delivers great reads.
> So far I've read two, "The Last Smile" and "Back to the Real World". "The
> Smile" was good and adventurous, even though I didn't care much for the
> "Back to the..." was worse, Pete Sawyer gets his information far too
easily, just
> dropping to see some old friends. That's no way for a private eye. But
> some genuine feeling in the books and my overall estimate is positive.
> "The Gargoyle Conspiracy" I found a bit dull, didn't even finish it.
> The thing about the Stone Angel series I most like is the way Albert has
put the American hard boiled detective in an exotic setting and rules At least they are exotic to me. Our favorites are all strange to Juri. I had even recommended that Bill put The Stone Angel on our reading list a couple of months ago.

 I think 'Gargoyle' , as well as The Medusa Complex and Dark Goddess, is bloated because Albert was trying to appeal to the mass readership by writing a big foreign intrigue suspense novel rather than a stripped down Gold Medal-like book . I assume Pete Sawyer was created for a role in
'Goddess, and when Albert, who was living in France at the time, wanted to write a series set there,. he already had his pi along with the appropriate background and associate. Mark

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