RARA-AVIS: Re: Ida Lupino? Nope

From: Victoria Esposito-Shea ( victoria@esposito-shea.com)
Date: 10 May 2000

>However, she *wouldn't* work with Bogart.
>I don't recall the reason off the top of my head, but she worked with him on
>one film (again, I don't recall which) and declared she'd never work with him


This one belongs in the same file as the story about the secretary who typed up TMF. Lupino and Bogart worked together in HIGH SIERRA and THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT and as far as I know had an excellent working relationship. According to later interviews of Lupino, she was perfectly willing to work with him, but the studio politics and contracts prevented that, and the Lupino refusal story got around as a way to take the blame off the studio.

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