RARA-AVIS: Old Timers

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 10 May 2000

Lots of old timers getting comments. I remember the look of those old Signet paperbacks of Mike Roscoe and John B. West and remember enjoying Roscoe. West's writing left no trace. I also enjoyed Neil McNeil's series but not as much as his work under his own name W.T. Ballard. Back then I wasn't aware of his Black Mask history but discovered him by reading the paperbacks based in Vegas.

As I recall, Chandler's biographer speculated that it was the similarity in age that led to a closer relationship with Cleve Adams than with the other, mostly younger, writers.

As for Adams and his knuckle-dragging detective Rex McBride, I am curious to read some of his work published under the name John Shannon and see how similar or different they are from the McBride novels. I have several in a box somewhere.

Juri: curious to learn what you think of Marv Albert's "Stone Angel." Albert had a great career from Gold Medal through Tony Rome to the Stone Angel series. Consistently delivers great reads.

Richard Moore

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