Re: RARA-AVIS: Bruno Fischer

From: pabergin (
Date: 08 May 2000

>I checked on abebooks where there are a few copies listed and one
>bookseller claims this book is hard to find in decent condition. Any
>comments on this Fischer?
>Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

Depends on why you want to buy it. From a reader's standpoint, all of the Fischers are adequate; some are outstanding.

If yours is a collector's (read: future bookseller's) stance, however, nearly all Fischers are worth owning. I recall a book fair in Valley Forge, I think it was, maybe Miami . . . Anyway, I went to lunch and came back to find all of the Fischer paperbacks I had (many -- perhaps all -- were reprints) gone. They were priced right, but even so I was surprised that every single one of them went. I asked my partner what the story was and she said, "Oh, those, we've got to ship them up to this guy. Distinguished-looking white-haired guy. Very well dressed. A dealer, I guess." and handed me a business card. Otto Penzler strikes again! Ah well, at least they went to a good home.

If Otto P is buying up paperback reprints of Fischer's work, I'd say your 35-cent investment is reasonably safe. PB

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