Re: RARA-AVIS: Long Shadow of the Falcon

From: Keith Alan Deutsch (
Date: 07 May 2000

I agree with Martha, Dick.

Particularly at the end of the film where the interaction between Spade and
"Ms. Wonderly" is so important to understanding the value system of Spade, his professionalism, and his dedication to his partner--even a louse of a partenr.

No question in my mind that Bogart/Huston got the dialogue and ambience of Hammett's novel perfectly. I've seen portions of a series of the remakes--and the dialogue doesn't sizlle at all. As I recall, Bette Davis was wasted in one version. Wish i could remember the name of the tv production that presented a good series of clip comparisons.


Martha Fischer wrote:

> while i've not seen the cortez version, i would argue that there is a fair
> degree of menace to bogart's spade. his scene with mary astor (the one that
> ends with "oh, you're good") is one that reeks of danger; as a viewer, i'm
> never sure that he won't ignore or even hurt her.
> > Spade, as Paretsky notes, is not a wonderful human being. That's
> > why I think
> > the sleek and vaguely sinister Ricardo Cortez, in the first film version,
> > comes closer to Hammett's concept than Bogart.
> >
> > Dick Lochte

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