RARA-AVIS: Charles Williams bibliography pt. 2

From: Mike Cunningham ( mike@imagebusiness.com)
Date: 07 May 2000

I found the following incomplete bibliography at:


     Uncle Sagamore and his girls
     Man on the run
     The big bite
     The diamond bikini
     The catfish tangle
     Big city girl, 1951
     Hill girl, 1951
     Hell Hath No Fury, 1953
     Nothing in her way, 1953
     A touch of death, 1954
     Go home, stranger, 1954
     All the way, 1958
     Man in Motion, 1958
     Talk of the town, 1958
     Aground, 1961
     The Long Saturday Night, 1962
     Dead Calm, 1963
     The Wrong Venus, 1966 (New American Library)
     Paperback edition 1983 by HarperPerennial
     And the Deep Blue Sea, 1971
     Scorpion Reef, 1972
     Man on a Leash, 1973

Additionally, Alfredo mentions:

Stain of Suspicion

I have also found references to:

Sailcloth Shroud River Girl Mix Yourself A Redhead

I am aware of the following double titles:

Hell Hath No Fury aka The Hot Spot The Wrong Venus aka Don't Just Stand There Scorpion Reef aka Gulf Coast Girl

If anyone is aware of omissions or errors, jump right in...

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