RARA-AVIS: Eddie Bunker/My Name is Archer/Bruno Fischer/Frisco Blues

From: T.Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@escape.ca)
Date: 04 May 2000

The latest issue of Crime Time, which recently arrived from England, has two articles and an interview with Eddie Bunker. I haven't checked the website, which I think is still "under construction" to see if any of the material is there. Our 10-day Children's Hospital Book Market is winding down this weekend, but the hunt continues. All of the U.S. dealers who were here last Thursday for opening day have gone home. Grabbed a .50 copy of Chandler's The High Window plus a 1948 first printing of More Deaths Than One by Bruno Fischer for .35 each (Canadian). Anyone know anything about the Fischer? A first of Ross Macdonald's My Name is Archer is still available for $35.00 Canadian, but I am not tempted. I am also looking for John D. MacDonald to fill out my collection, but no luck.

Finished Frisco Blues by Gordon DeMarco last night. This is a hardboiled baseball novel that I mentioned during the recent discussion. It's set in 1947 and Demarco tries too hard to capture the PI of that day. I wouldn't hunt it down.

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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