RARA-AVIS: Paul Schrader's film noir essay

From: Anders Engwall ( Anders.Engwall@uab.ericsson.se)
Date: 04 May 2000


> Also, in one of the pieces, Hunter mentions a 1972 essay written by Paul
> Schrader in which he breaks down noir into three phases, the last being the
> "manic" phase. Unfortunately, Hunter doesn't mention where Schrader's essay was
> published. Does anyone know? Has it been collected in book form?

It was reprinted a few years back in the essay collection FILM NOIR READER, edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini. There is also a volume 2, but Schrader's piece is in the first one.

See also


I haven't actually read any of these, so I can't say whether they're worth picking up or not.

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