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Date: 03 May 2000

imho, the schrader essay is incredibly arbitrary and irritating. it's full of opinions like "the hard-boiled hero was, in reality, a soft egg compared to his existential counterpart" and "...the gangster films warshow wrote about are inferior to film noir," presented totally without factual support. it's not his opinions that get to me, it's that he apparently felt no need whatsoever to support any of them.

the copy i have is photocopied from FILM GENRE READER, edited by barry keith grant. hope this helps.

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> Also, in one of the pieces, Hunter mentions a 1972 essay written by Paul
> Schrader in which he breaks down noir into three phases, the last
> being the
> "manic" phase. Unfortunately, Hunter doesn't mention where
> Schrader's essay was
> published. Does anyone know? Has it been collected in book form?
> Later....Kip

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