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Date: 03 May 2000

That's not quite accurate. The main reason Willeford wrote GRIMHAVEN was to get out of his bottom-dollar contract with St. Martin's Press. He figured St. Martin's, which was the publisher of MIAMI BLUES, would be so repulsed by his having Hoke turn out to be a lunatic killer that it would reject the book and free him from his contract. I think his agent persuaded him that this wasn't the best course of action. Eventually Willeford got decent money for the last Mosely book.

By the way, you can find the manuscript of GRIMHAVEN for sale on the web fairly easily. Must drive Betsy Willeford crazy.

Then there's Grimhaven, the unpublished Hoke book. I know the story that Willeford was supposed to be so opposed to continuing characters that he wrote this book that made Hoke so unsympathetic that he would no longer be bothered by those trying to get him to expand Miami Blues into a series. But I never heard how they got Willeford to change his mind and write the series, after all. Anyone know?



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