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Thanks, Enrique. For clearing this all up.

Do you know whether he did contribute indexing to methodical criminal investigation and procedures? That's what I vaguely recall that many of the critics in the long forgotten essay seemed to agree upon.


Juri, Mark, other friends,

Actually, you mean Vidocq, the famous French criminal turned sleuth. His memoirs are so fantastic many considered them fiction or exagerated truth.

Gaborieau was after Poe and a Dickens/Collins contemporary who wrote
"L'Affaire Lerouge", the first French detective novel and one of the first in any language. His main detective here was P鲥 Tabaret, but a minor figure in Lerouge, Lecoq, became the protagonist of most (if not all) of his subsequent mystery novels and is perhaps the first recurring mystery novel detective. After his (Gaborieau's) death, Fortune De Boisgobey (may have his name spelled wrong!) wrote more Lecoq novels. Lecoq and Dupin (Poe's creation) were mentioned contemptuosly by Sherlock Holmes in his first appearence, "A Study in Scarlet".

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