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From: Enrique Bird ( ebird@gmgroup.com)
Date: 02 May 2000

Mark, other friends,

Would you believe I have no idea? As a matter of fact, I cannot recall ever seeing an edition in English or a listing for such a one. Interestingly, I recall reading, in the early 1960s, a 1950ish Classics Illustrated edition. A couple of notes on this: it was evidently toned down and it may have been in Spanish, not in English. The Classics Illustrated people used to have a Mexican (my recollection - not neccessarily accurate) company produce their comics transalted to Spanish and, again hoping my memory is accurate, they produced a very scant few books which were never published in English. I believe that the Vidocq was one of those.

If only I had all those magnificent Classics Illustrated! A beloved uncle, some 11 years my senior, went to Catholic priesthood seminar in 1959. He left this then 9 year old all his books (Verne, Dumas, Salgari,...) and all his Classics Illustrated (over 100!), most in English, some in Spanish. My grandmother used to give them to me 1 per week. Alas, a combination of a younger brother's mental retardness, which led him to wreck havock on all printed material) and my mothers anti-comics zeal completely destroyed a collection not only of the Classics Illustrated but of many premierecomics of the Silver Age (all early Fantastic Four, Avengers, XMen, Daredevil, Justice League of America, etc.), many in editions in English and the corresponding Spanish edition which would appear about 1-2 years after the originals! At least I became an avid reader and learned lots of defective English...!

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> Enrique,
> Thanks. Evidently my mind merged the two, Vidocq and Lecoq, as I kept
> thinking Ledoc. However, by description, it was definitely
> Vidocq I was trying to recall. Thanks. Now, is his memoir still
> available? In English?
> Mark

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