RARA-AVIS: Re: RARA-AVIS Digest V3 #224

From: R Gough ( hardboiled_dick@yahoo.com)
Date: 01 May 2000

Juri writes...
> By the way, I finished "Gone, Baby, Gone" last night
> a bit drunk from cheap
> sparkling wine (the First of May, you know). The end
> was pretty strong and
> compensated very well the book's shortcomings. But
> I'd spotted the main bad guy
> already in the beginning due to the fact that there
> are too few characters and the
> bad guy dropped from sight too early. I use the word
> "bad" knowing that there were
> actually no baddies in the book (except the Trett
> pedophiles and their buddy and
> couple others). Ambivalence very well handled,
> that's what the book was at its
> best.
> -----------
I too just finished Gone Baby Gone last evening, unfortunately no sparkling wine for me but a couple of Labatt's Blue made up for it. This was my first Lehane novel and I enjoyed it once I got about half way through. I too guessed the baddie pretty well upfront. The action description of the action scenes were wonderful and this is where the book really shines. I look forward to reading another Lehane soon to compare.


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