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> Here's a Nussbaum story, since Al I and were good friends. At a convention
> in Milwaukee--1981, I believe, where I first met Spillane--I was sharing a
> room with several people, including Al. Well, we all got there on Thursday,
> except Al, who arrived early Friday morning. The phone rang and woke me up.
> it was Al, in the lobby, saying, "Would you tell this girl that it's okay to
> give me a key?" They would not give him a key at the desk until is aid it
> was okay. Several moments later he arrived in the room, dead tired, but we
> had not yet gotten a rollaway for the room. No matter. Al striped down to his
> Fruit of the Looms and got into bed with me! That story got around and, of
> course, everyone knew Al had been in prison!
> Bob Randisi


I hope he was gentle with you!


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