Re: RARA-AVIS: Paen to MacDonald

From: James Rogers (
Date: 01 May 2000

At 09:16 PM 4/30/00 -0700, Etienne wrote:
>--- James Rogers <> wrote:
>Look into RA archives and you will find intersting
>earlier discussions about this point.
>Keep reading John D. older works!

      I thought that the archives had a search feature, but apparantly not. I seem to have been on the list since 11/97, though, so I probably saw the discussions at the time and have just spaced them out.
      One of the reasons I rated MacDonald pretty low was because the first Travis book I read was _The Green Ripper_. Terrible; one of the worst McGees, maybe the very worst. Didn't read another one for years. I had read
_Neon Jungle_, which I liked, but partly because it was such stereotypical Gold Medal stuff.
      Slowly chewing my way through _The Only Girl In The Game_ which seems very good.
      I'm not a huge Ross McDonald fan either. I feel kind of bad about it, as the press hype was so huge I'm afraid I'm missing something. Same for Elmore Leonard.

                                    James P.S. One of The Drifters just got murdered. We'll have to remember that next time we do a "who's the most hardboiled doo-wop group" thread.

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