RE: RARA-AVIS: faux Freud

Date: 30 Apr 2000

Kevin writes,
> Funny how racism and sexism in old books slides right by, and I can
> adjust for different mindsets, but I can't get my head around
> out-dated, plain wrong notions about homosexuality at all. It's not
> the attitudes (usually pretty much what you'd expect) so much as the
> pseudo-scientific faux-Freud but bone-headed mumbo-jumbo passed off
> as well-known fact that ruins the whole thing for me, especially when
> the whole plot depends on it.

Agree, there was alot of that in those days, when psychology was going to save humanity, if we would just listen to them. Wasn't that the sort of thing that Hitchcock was mocking at the end of Psycho, with the long, oh-so-rational explanation of Norman? Always wondered if it was taken from the novel, which may have meant it seriously.

Bill Hagen

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