Re: RARA-AVIS: Ed Bunker

From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 29 Apr 2000

Besides the three novels you list, the only other novel is DOG EAT DOG, his latest fictional novel. Within the last month or so, he had his memoirs published - EDUCATION OF A FELON is the title, I believe.

I thought Little Boy Blue was his best though both NO BEAST and ANIMAL FACTORY follow closely behind. DOG EAT DOG is my least favorite of his works - it seems a bit overdone and less lean and mean than his others.

Ron Clinton

> Just finished reading Edward Bunker's _Little Boy Blue_ and really
> enjoyed it. On the cover there's a plug by Tarantino for _No Beast So
> Fierce_. Are Bunker's other efforts as good as _Blue_? What else has he
> written besides the above and _The Animal Factory_?
> -Roger

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