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From: Martha Fischer ( sakana@stlnet.com)
Date: 28 Apr 2000

i'm a massive fan of john shannon. his liffey books are strikingly dark, which is what i like most about them. i find them to be set in an LA in which something has very clearly gone wrong-- there's a feel of apocalypse in the air, which finds dead horses in the middle of freeways, solo cheerleaders hollering at roadways, and herds of cattle wandering the streets. liffey seems to take all of these things in stride which, in my mind, serves only to strengthen the sense of a world gone horribly wrong.

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> By the way, has anyone read MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN by Jonathan Lethem or
> any of John Shannon's Jack Liffey books. Both very recommended. There
> are smart and original voices in hardboiled fiction that don't just
> carry on the tradition, but expand on it.
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