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Date: 28 Apr 2000

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<< And just to muddy this river some more, is acclaim sometimes due as much to a
 film embodiment as to the innate worth of the fiction? Contrary, are some
 as-great" titles underappreciated because they're not viddied? >>

Fredric Brown's amazing The Screaming Mimi was adapted (rather badly, I hear) in the 1960s. In this adaptation, starring Anita Eckberg (well it has two things going for it) the killer leaves a Screaming Mimi statuette at the scene of each crime. In Brown's novel, the killer had bought a statuette from the first victim. Sweeny looks at it, (a kind of female version of Munch's "The Scream") and realizes that this must have somehow triggered the psychopath. Much subtler and infinitely more sinister. In the seventies, Italian goremeister Dario Argento makes Bird With the Crystal Plumage, which credits Brown's book, but actually uses the more cliched plot devise of the movie. I wonder if they even read the book!

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