RE: RARA-AVIS: Public Acclaim

Date: 27 Apr 2000

Just a side comment on the public acclaim topic: let's remember that we are talking about a "popular" genre, which has only recently acquired a bit of academic respectability. It took alot of people buying pulp fiction to create the possibility for the better stuff. It takes a river to float a few boats.

[The later it gets the more oracular I wax.]

Is the act of buying a form of public acclaim? In market terms, it's demand, and it has power.

And just to muddy this river some more, is acclaim sometimes due as much to a film embodiment as to the innate worth of the fiction? Contrary, are some "just- as-great" titles underappreciated because they're not viddied?

[To Viddy: how people see in a video Clockwork Orange]

Bill Hagen

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