RARA-AVIS: Hard Boiled and Soft Boiled Detectives

From: Keith Alan Deutsch ( keithdeutsch@earthlink.net)
Date: 26 Apr 2000

I always liked the phrase my first wife invented for a brief interview with the creators of the then "new" Columbo TV series in her 1974 Black Mask piece: SOFT BOILED DETECTIVES versus hard boiled detectives.

And Columbo is a classic soft boiled detective.

I'm not fond of "cozy," and I don't think distinctions should be made bewteen women and male authors. (After all, who can tell the sex behind the by line?) Anyone know whether Trevanian is a man or a woman?

Keith keithdeutsch@earthlink.net

RRandisi@aol.com wrote:

> To take the "hardboiled" dicussion a step further the procedurals of
> Jonathan Craig and Ed McBain are definitely hardboiled. "Hardboiled" and
> "Cozy" are two of the terms we hear the most, these days, because they are so
> different.

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