Re: RARA-AVIS: The Prey Series From a Woman's Point Of View!

From: Keith Alan Deutsch (
Date: 25 Apr 2000

Dear Pat,

I see. Well that is certainly one standard to judge a book by
----unfortunately it just doesn't work for me personally! But now I'm beginning to understand. Women are infatuated. (How's it work for guys?)

Does this mean Sanford is actually a woman author---or just a very perceptive marketeer?


Pat Zeitoun wrote:

> Oh come on guys! Surely you recognize the selling point of the Prey Series
> (and I have read and adore every one of them) - it's Lucas Davenport! He is
> the sexiest protagonist in print - bar none!
> God knows we
> don't want to loose him!
> PatZ

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