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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 25 Apr 2000

I absolutely love Crews's work. I think his best books are THE KNOCKOUT ARTIST and CAR, but I've really enjoyed everything of his that I've found. I also think he wrote one of the great post-WW2 American essays, "Climbing the Tower", about the Charles Whitman shootings.

HB? Yeah, I think so, though his work does often take some strange, surrealistic twists and turns.


--- wrote:
> It was unexpected to read a good notice of my fellow
> Georgian Harry Crews.
> Admittedly a cultivated taste, I have liked his work
> from his first novel THE
> GOSPEL SINGER. That one takes place in Enigma,
> Georgia, a town I know pretty
> well. It's midway between Tifton and Willacoochee.
> I've also been to
> Mystic, Georgia, setting for A FEAST OF SNAKES. If
> anyone is planning a
> holiday, there are other towns in Georgia with
> better rattlesnake roundups
> than Mystic. Personally I prefer the chitlin'
> festival in Climax, Georgia.
> I've enjoyed every trip through there.
> Richard Moore

===== Doug Bassett

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