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From: Keith Alan Deutsch (
Date: 25 Apr 2000

Dear Riuchard Moore,

I have enjoyed your recent comments, particularly the way you exprees your enthusiasm for Charles Williams. I shall seek him out.


Keith wrote:

> I have always thought Charles Williams did not get his due. He did write a
> series of backwoods tramp novels for Gold Medal in the 1950s. It was a very
> active sub-genre inspired by the tremendous success of Erskine Caldwell in
> paperback. Growing up in Georgia myself I always wished the Daisy Mae tramps
> were as common in real life as in that type novel.
> In addition to Williams' generally excellent "bad woman gets good man in
> trouble" novels, he also did some of the best mysteries with a sailing
> background. They generally had hardback publication. DEAD CALM is a good
> example. As the novel was reprinted when the movie came out a few years ago,
> I doubt there is any trouble with the estate on republication.
> The best thing on Williams I remember was an article in a book edited by Jon
> Breen. It quotes Williams' agent (Don Cogden?) as saying Williams committed
> suicide. He had spent some time in Europe, I believe, where he did film
> work. I think the article was by Ed Gorman.
> Sorry to be so imprecise but I am an ocean away from my collection in
> Alexandria, Virginia. Bill Crider also had an article in the collection so
> perhaps he can supply the particulars. The book is well worth seeking out as
> it covers Peter Rabe, Whittington, Ed Lacy, as well as some of the more
> celebrated writers from the 1950s.
> Richard Moore
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