RARA-AVIS: Henry Kane & Howard Browne

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 24 Apr 2000

A bit more on the Kanes, Frank and Henry. Before anyone is mislead by my favorable comment on Henry, please note that this was based on reading done many years ago. Forty years ago the jokes may not have seemed tired to me and I enjoyed many books that today I would never finish. The early hardback Henry Kane Peter Chambers novels I considered routine. My favorites were from the 1959-1963 period, give or take a year of two. "Dead in Bed" (Lancer 1961) is a good example. Later the Lancer series migrated into the rather tame soft porn area with suggestive titles and covers. By then I had stopped reading Henry Kane.

Frank Kane was just okay. Like Bob Randisi (I think it was), I was very much into the Brett Halliday Michael Shayne novels and the Dell packaging on Frank Kane was identical. Who could resist those luscious covers!

The Paul Pine novel with a religious background was "Halo for Satan." It is very good as are all the Pine novels by John Evans (Browne). In my opinion, the best Pine novel was the one published under Browne's name "The Taste of Ashes." I consider it one of the ten greatest PI novels I've ever read.

Browne was an interesting guy. Crider (Hi Bill!) and I met him a couple of times at Bouchercons.

Richard Moore

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