Re: RARA-AVIS: What Hard-Boiled Is

From: Alfredo (
Date: 22 Apr 2000

>Anthony Dauer wrote:
>> I'm partial to hard-boiled as a style and noir as a setting ...
>I'm partial to hardboiled as attitude and noir as lighting...

I´ve been following the hard boiled versus noir discussion, sure that I had missed relevant information about this (ONE) genre. I think I don´t. Forgive me if this was told in any previous thread.

During WW II Many American soldiers used to read pocket books with hard boiled stories, that they gave the civilians and became popular among many french people some time after American troops entered Paris. When Gallimard was founded, around 1949, one of it´s first collections was hard boiled, but they preferred to *translate* the genre´s name. Jacques Prevert was the one who created the *noir* name. As by that time French culture was important abroad, some other peoples know the genre as *noir*. Here, in the River Plate, it´s called Novela negra, Serie negra, Serie noir and, less popular, hard boiled.

Alfredo G

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