RARA-AVIS: RE: Ed's considered thoughts on The Maltese Falcon

From: Dick Lochte ( dlock@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 21 Apr 2000

>Ed wrote:
>I would suggest that Huston's film is as much an adaptation
>of the two earlier films of The Maltese Falcon as it is an adaptation of
>Hammett's novel ... anyone who wants to see my more considered thoughts
>on this, together with screen-grabs comparing Huston's film with the
>earlier Maltese Falcon films is invited to check out the following url:

Not long ago, I looked at all three films and saw absolutely no connection between Huston's "Falcon" and the goofy Warren William-Bette Davis movie. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to details. Ed's essay (which any admirer of the Huston film should check out) is a remarkable and convincing job of research and presentation. Dick Lochte

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