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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 20 Apr 2000

--- Doug Bassett <> wrote:
> And again, if anyone knows anything about this one,
> I'd be eternally grateful:
> Frank Kane -- ESPRIT DE CORPSE
> > Thanks!

There were two writers with this name: Frank Kane and Henry Kane.

I read some books by the Kanes, long, long times ago. And they are really not family related, in any sense. And certainly not by their writing as I remember clearly avoiding one of them as the pleague in my compulsive readings at the time...

I do not have those books with me, so I can't remember which one was the lemon tree... But I think the worst was Henry. Not very helpful I fear!

As for Frank Cane I cannot trace the book you cite. I remember having read somewhere that for some of his procedurals he was using the help of his brother who was working for the police force. So, maybe this is the detail that made you confuse his family with another writer (?).

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