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From: Bill Crider (
Date: 20 Apr 2000

Doug: I'm not a huge Ellroy fan, but I thought KILLER ON THE ROAD was very good. I like just about anything by Spillane, and while THE DEATH DEALERS isn't his best work, it's still entertaining. There are those who's argue that Margaret Millar was the better writer in the Millar household, and HOW LIKE AN ANGEL is a good book (but probably not hardboiled, though after all the definitions that have been flying around here lately, maybe it is). As for ESPRIT DE CORPSE, I've never read it, but if it's like most of Frank Kane's books it'll be a competent, straightforward P.I. story. As far as I know, he's not related to Henry Kane, whose books were quite different in style. Frank wrote scripts for a lot of the old radio shows, like THE SHADOW, and did some TV work, too.

Bill Crider

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