Re: RARA-AVIS: What Hard-Boiled Is

From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 20 Apr 2000

For what it's worth...

I think it's true that "noir" got it's start as a cinematic term. But I usually use "noir" to mean "hb with unsuccessful heroes/heroines". Which could be movies, books, tv, whatever. One virtue: it distinguishes tough crime movies (most of Charles Bronson's best work) from noir tales (OUT OF THE PAST).

Yeah, these are my own definitions. What can I say? They work for me. :)


--- Anthony Dauer <> wrote:
> I see the movie as being hard-boiled noir ...
> there's nothing stopping both
> terms being used for one thing ... they're not
> synonyms with the same meaning.

===== Doug Bassett

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