Re: RARA-AVIS: Street 8

From: pabergin (
Date: 19 Apr 2000

Our friendly monk wrote:
>To be a "masterpiece" at least literally requires public acclamation ...
>doesn't mean the work isn't good, but if it's not popular it cannot by
>definition be a "masterpiece" ... bummer as that is. :)

By whose definition?

Consider -- Guernica. Michaelangelo's "Moses." Taliesan (sp?) West. The Curved Arc. Cadillac Ranch. Candy. Pinktoes. Naked Lunch. Ulysses. Finnegan's Wake. The Ginger Man. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog. The Ballad of Reading Gaol. Jude the Obscure. Moll Flanders. Madame Bovary.

One could go on. All of the above, acknowledged masterpieces all, were met either with indifference, hostility, or an active move to suppress.

What's this public acclaim nonsense? PB

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