RARA-AVIS: Criterion Collection

From: John & Carrie ( johncarrie@sprynet.com)
Date: 19 Apr 2000

been watching some very nice selections from this collection of dvds. Insomnia which is brooding, creepy and quirky in a noirish-Bergman pace. Alphaville which I have to watch again because I missed the point (but it looks nice). Fuller's The Naked Kiss and Shock Corridor which are campy-looking but have this very cool 50s paperback cover story to them. Peeping Tom which outdoes Hitchcock. M which is proto-film noir, and outdoes a lot of the trad noir stuff. And Kurosawa's High and Low which has been discussed here (it could have been shorter).

The criterion collection is pricey, but they have a diverse small collection at http://www.criterionco.com


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