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From: a.n.smith (
Date: 19 Apr 2000

> The hearing and/or trial can fill in the specifics that the criminal would
> have known directly as they happened. Other details can filled in through
> dialogue with the police processing the criminal ... giving criminal a
brief on
> what was going to occur, etc. And a run down by the criminal's attorney
could be
> used to fill-in other details as well ...

Yeah, i can see that, but then it just becomes expository info through dialogue. Ugh. The necessary evil of crime writing. I guess my thoughts leaned towards the experience--news reports give the criminal some info, and then he's caught, interrogated (and then, like on LAW & ORDER, it becomes a legal thriller so we won't deal with that as Police Proced.). But if he's
*told* the procedures as they happen, I'm not as interested.

I consider the PARKER books by Stark to be the "anti-police procedurals", in that they're crime procedurals. Step by step planning of the crime, pulling it off, getting way, tying up loose ends.

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