RARA-AVIS: Re: Dick Lochte-Jack the Ripper formula

From: Alfredo ( garciagg@adinet.com.uy)
Date: 19 Apr 2000

Dick Lochte:

> No writer ever went broke (or had to stay up late working
>out plots) by following the Jack the Ripper formula. Why? As any actor can
>tell you, it's the bad guy roles that get the notices. Bad guys are more
>fun, more exciting.
>Who needs a fully dimensional murderer? Just make him a wacky
>genius with a particular tic. He likes to poke out eyes because he saw
>Mommie kissing Santa Claus. He likes to remove livers from brunette females
>because his older sister would steal the liver off his breakfast plate.

I think in 3 things that probably count. First, public, in a wide sense, gets caught by the good guy-bad guy formula, which took shape in literature since Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, approaching to the modern vision of human nature. But I guess the public you are talking about, Dick, feels uncomfortable when someone that looks as themselves kills 10 people. But then, and second, a *good reason* for the killings brings some comfort to their spirits, allowing them to take distance from the killer. In third place, the reason is easy to understand without dissapointing the public, so you can dress it with naif psychology, one of those childhood traumas that you mentioned with good humor.


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