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From: a.n.smith (
Date: 18 Apr 2000

> I haven't read the novels you're referring to, but I'd like to point out
> there must be some social reasons for even the most un-understandable
crimes and
> murders - I don't believe in the human's natural evil, but I believe that
> environment makes people evil.

I'm sorry--it came out a bit wrong. I meant that this is an area I don't see many people working in because the big rage is still with the serial killers. SHAME THE DEVIL was sort of a new frontier. Richard Price's FREEDOMLAND, to some extent, and I would say NIGHT DOGS if it weren't set in the 70s. John Ridley's latest strikes me as moving in that direction.

Work reflecting the "randomness" of modern crime (and who the criminals are) is what I'd like to see.

Neil Smith

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