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From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 18 Apr 2000

"a.n.smith" wrote:

> Still, I think this is an interesting argument. Serial killers do exist,
> yes, and there are severe psychological problems with them, but I think the
> time for the self-indulgent interest in them should pass. The interesting
> realistic problem now seems to be the anger of the culture, with people
> doing one-off shootings and crimes, the reasons even less understandable,
> more beatings and unsensical massacres. Another one in Detroit today.
> What's up with that? And where are the crime writers ready to dig into
> those types of crimes?

I haven't read the novels you're referring to, but I'd like to point out that there must be some social reasons for even the most un-understandable crimes and murders - I don't believe in the human's natural evil, but I believe that environment makes people evil.

The writers could dig into that, and I believe that at least George Pelecanos and Joe R. Lansdale have done just that. But the trendy serial killer writers and films don't do. They just wallow in meaningless killings and really are closer to cozies than one would think in the first place.


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