Re: RARA-AVIS: The Prey books

From: Keith Deutsch (
Date: 18 Apr 2000

on 4/17/00 6:32 PM, William Denton at wrote:

> On 17 April 2000, Hardboiled_Dick wrote:
> : Certain Prey was a bit of an odd duck. I first got on to the series
> : with "Winter Prey" and soon read most of the books but found a
> : "sameness" about them that I grew tired of.
> I picked up one of the series because it was popular on rec.arts.mystery,
> which, looking back, should have been reason enough to avoid it. I
> thought it was dreadful. I couldn't imagine actually reading all of them.
> Didn't seem hardboiled at all, either.
> Bill

My wife read a few Prey books finding them "adequate" for reading while doing her obsessive, daily "riding the bike" exercise thing. I tried to start one, found the narration mediocre & unappealing. Every time I see another Prey cover for sale in drugstores, and strip mall emporiums (which is often) I wonder what the series has that attracts the mass audience.


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